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Marine Reach Global is a non-profit ministry organization dedicated to exemplifying the love of Christ and advancing the Gospel of Christianity by providing medical care including dental services, eye surgery and vision clinics, construction and repair assistance, distributing supplies, and engaging in community, youth, and education outreach. The fulfillment of our mission is achieved through the coordinated efforts of the MV Pacific Hope medical ship, along with its dedicated crew and volunteers, overseen by MRG.
MRG Favion

M/V Pacific Hope

The M/V Pacific Hope stands as a cutting-edge humanitarian medical relief vessel, featuring a fully functional dental clinic, eye surgery unit, and general medical facility. Constructed in 1983, the vessel spans 54.1 meters (177.5 feet) with an impressive range of 20,000 nautical miles and accommodations for up to 60 individuals.

Since 2015, M/V Pacific Hope has actively served 13 countries in the Caribbean, Atlantic & Pacific Ocean, and South America, thanks to the dedication of thousands of volunteers, donors, and supporters. Originally acquired and operated in 2013 by Marine Reach New Zealand, the vessel initiated impactful medical and gospel outreaches in Fiji and Vanuatu. In 2018, it transitioned to the Caribbean, contributing to hurricane and disaster relief efforts. Now under the umbrella of Marine Reach Global, M/V Pacific Hope continues to play a vital role in ministry outreach, extending assistance and restoring hope to communities in need.

Following the completion of a year-long initiative in the remote regions of The Amazon in Brazil, the vessel is currently stationed in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Here, crew have started to set up for various outreach programs, including Dental Care Clinics, Vision Surgery and Eyeglass Exams, and Youth Outreach. The mission of M/V Pacific Hope remains steadfast: to make a positive impact in the lives of those it serves and spread the Love and Word of Christ.

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